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Tradewins furniture is a state-of-the-art manufacturing company that utilizes German automation. They have a twenty year history in furniture manufacturing. Tradewins is known as an expert manufacture of the finest solid wood furniture. They originally began operations in Woodinville, Washington. In 1999 Tradewins became a LLC company that continues to manufacture and sell solid wood furniture to retailers.

The Tradewins factory is unique because its specialty is solid wood furniture. The owner of Tradewins is from Woodinville, Washington which supplies lumber to the China factory. He buys huge quantities of wood that is still in getting only the best wood selections. The lumber is shipped to the factory. Once it arrives at the factory then the work begins getting it ready to be used for the production of furniture.

The manufacturers will cut the wood and then select the best and appropriate wood for furniture. Once this is done the next step in the process is drying the wood. Wood is put into kilns which are drying rooms to dry. The wood is dried to 8% moisture content which is optimal for building furniture. For ultimate quality control the wood is analyzed throughout the manufacturing process to be sure that the moisture content stays at the optimal 8% level. This is done with hand meters that checks for the required moisture level. The wood is then finished inside and out to seal in the moisture appropriate moisture content. Non-toxic finishes are used on all their products.


Tradewins most highly successful collections consists Cherry Expressions, French Classic, Louis Phillippe, Mission Collection, and the Riverwood Collection. Each collection is made to very specific specifications to ensure the highest quality product. These collections have their own specific design and feel. No matter what your style preferences are you will find it in one of these collections.

One of the products that is used in building their furniture is unique Germany glue. This special glue is superior to other glues used in furniture production. This unique glue withstands extreme pressure and bonds for life. This means that when you buy Tradewins furniture you are getting great quality and long lasting furniture. The pieces that you buy will become heirlooms that can be kept within the family for years.

An environmental practice that this company does that is wonderful is that all the sawdust from productions is recycled. Another environmental practice is used during the time the product is stained. Any over-spray that occurs is caught in a water wall that keeps the fumes from reaching the ozone. Once caught in the water wall, the over-spray is then separated to allow the water to cycle back through and the stain to be disposed of properly.

Tradewins furniture is beautiful, durable, and of a quality that will last you a lifetime. With the affordable pricing you can own any of the wonderful collections that they produce. Go now and look at the gorgeous Tradewins collections that they have. The children’s furniture collections are outstanding. Buy your Tradewins collection today and know that you are purchasing quality furniture.


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